Thursday, July 26, 2012

12...what 12? Hell I can't count.

I was so excited and in such a hurry to get # 13 up so I could share all the sketches I was doing with you people...I almost completely forgot that episode # 12 has not graced this lovely little blog yet.
For those that I continuity freaks like myself, I apologize.

This one was a blast to record and I can only hope you guys have as much fun listening and we had recording. And it's got that special Canadian flavor again...
And the episode can be found HERE. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lucky # 13 with sketches!

So here we have the super cool episode # 13 and the sketches that we have been talking about for a while now are here for your viewing pleasure! 

The sweet sweet episode can be found HERE! Enjoy.

I think most of the sketch work is pretty self explanatory but I will string together a couple of words to point out a few things. As we started thinking about a comic based around anthropomorphic animals specifically rats, I knew the first thing I had to do was recognize and then try to avoid the art styles in Mouse Guard and the Mice Templar. David Peterson on Mouse Guard has a very specific look for his mice as they look basically like real mice with clothing and items. Michael Avon Oeming did a much more humanoid version his mice and rats. Both books have a amazing art but gave me the worry of not wanting to be an imitator. My style seems to have leaned a lot closer to the Oeming version of a more humanized animal though I think I am keeping it slightly more animal like than Oeming did so hopefully I'll end up with something great that is influenced but not duplicating anything that has gone before in these 2 books. 

The bottom picture is my first full drawing of what I believe our main rat characters will look like. As I go through more sketches it might change, hopefully for the better if that happens, but this is my actual starting point. Here we go now...onward ratlike soldiers!