Friday, April 5, 2013

#27 ECCC Wrap Up Part 2 and The Epic Loots

ECCC 2013 wrap up part 2! Here is the end my friends along with the rest of my pics. The awesome Artful Dodger booth where I got my 2 sweet new wrist tats, pics of said tats, and lots and lots of books. A stack of the books I got signed, the 4 art prints I picked up, my 3rd and 4th amazing sketches in my New Warriors theme sketch book, all the trades I picked up, issues I needed to fill holes in runs, signed copies of Happy! and Monsters Are Just Like Us which includes a sweet Super Ugly sketch monster in the back, and finally a stack of random books I picked. So much fun stuff. Still haven't read it all.

Enjoy the episode HERE!